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Words.  I can’t even.  What, as a country, do we aspire to, exactly?

Gillian Triggs, president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, voiced “grave concerns” for the welfare of asylum seekers at Christmas Island centre. Visiting in July she found a sharp escalation in the number of mothers on suicide watch and babies confined to small metal containers, where they cannot learn to crawl or walk. Many children suffered from chest or gut infections as a result of the cramped living conditions.


Brisbane police shoot man in head over stolen lawnmower

Ambulance, police officer and patrol car

Brisbane police shoot man in head over stolen lawnmower.

The money quote:

The incident follows a plea last month from commissioner Ian Stewart for the public to comply with police made “nervous” by the stabbing of counterparts in Melbourne.

“Our police are going to be noticeably alert and they are going to be requesting people to be very compliant in their dealings with them,” he told ABC radio.

“So a lower tolerance to policing is something that, I’m sorry, the public needs to understand. We’re in that state right now.”

The police department of St. Louis, Missouri, should be a cautionary example, not a role model.


Because if you can’t find it on a map, it must be a backward shithole, right?

Slovakia's average internet speed is faster than Australia's
Seen on a bus in Sydney

This advert only works if whoever reads it assumes that Slovakia is some backward communist shithole somewhere in eastern Europe.  Ask yourself, does “Austria’s average internet speed is faster than Australia’s” sound as ‘shocking’?  (Hint – they’re right next to each other).

We like to think that we’re less insular than USAians (that’s a stereotype of its own, of course), but when it comes to racist stereotypes, we’re really not.  Why is the Slovakian wearing traditional dress?  Why is the Australian not dressed like Crocodile Dundee?

We can do better than this.